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A crucial feature of our LMS package is making your courses accessible on mobile and tablet as well as on a laptop or computer.

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Being able to access online training on your mobile phone and other portable devices has radically changed the scope of digital learning. Though this is increasingly expected from any training course, it is not available on all Learning Management Systems.

When users can access their courses on their phones, this radically opens up opportunities for learning in their daily life. Completing a learning course becomes much easier when they can dip into it during the commute or on their lunch break.

More and more of the workforce is becoming mobile, so their technology must be mobile too. Employees have been found to be much more likely to make use of an LMS if they are able to access it on mobile.

LMS users largely access the courses and data on desktop rather than mobile, which appears to question the real value of mobile learning. According to these users however this is not for their own convenience; LMS access on mobile would, for most, fit more easily into their working lives. The main reason given is instead that certain learning management systems are poorly designed for mobile, hard to read on a small screen and prone to crashing.

Your LMS solution is fully geared up for mobile use, with responsive design for an clear and intuitive user experience.

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