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The LMS package also offers detailed reporting features for you to track the progress of your users. As the instructor you will have access to valuable data on the engagement of your users, their quiz results and the levels of course completion.


The report function includes

  • The progress of individuals through a particular course
  • Actions taken on a chronological timeline
  • Course progress distribution
  • Course progress breakdown

Course reporting export

  • User completion status and completion date – see who has completed or is yet to complete a course
  • Last step – determine where users stop progressing, giving you the ability to improve your content to improve completion rates
  • Total time on course – understand how long it takes users to complete your course
  • Last login

Quiz reporting export

  • Points scored and percentage correct
  • Pass or fail
  • Time spent on quiz
  • Date completed
  • Hints used

Your users will also be able to easily keep track of their own progression through the course via their user profiles.

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