Automations and integrations with third-party systems

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Integrations are the number one challenge for LMS buyers; while the user learning experience might be great, some learning management systems cannot communicate with other applications and systems that the organisation relies on.

With our optional extension, our solution allows you to integrate your LMS with third party applications, such as email and social media. This can radically increase its functionality for you and your users.

‘Trigger’ automations are a key feature of this. You can program specific course activities on the LMS to initiate actions in third party applications. For example, you could set up a trigger for creating a post on a separate social media app when a user completes a lesson or a course.

Mailchimp integrations are a great feature to take advantage of. You can set these up to add users to mailing lists automatically and flexibly. Email notifications are a useful way to send certificates and congratulatory emails, or remind users to revisit courses that they haven’t yet completed. You could alternatively create the automated mailing list once your users have completed the course, which helps you stay in contact with them.

Another useful application to integrate with is Slack, an instant messaging application for teams. Attaching a messaging platform specific to your course will facilitate efficient, dynamic interaction between users and/or course administration without the distractions of a mainstream social messaging app.

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