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Taking a few preparatory steps before writing your content can make it much more effective.

It sounds obvious but it is often overlooked: consider your target audience. Don’t assume that they have any insider knowledge about your topic in advance, but also take care not to overload them with information that might be obvious or irrelevant.

Also, consider ways to make your content more accessible and even fun. If your learners don’t find it a chore to complete the courses, they will do it much more quickly and retain much more information from it. We’ll be happy to help out with any strategic advice or inspiration.

For example, you could think about applying microlearning (training in bite sized assets) or gamification (structuring learning as a game) to your course content.

Microlearning means teaching that is delivered in a series of small but powerful bursts. This kind of training is not only time-efficient, squeezing easily into a busy lifestyle, but also highly effective. Each asset, typically 5-7 minutes in length, makes the most of our brain power before our attention begins to wane. This also means the course can avoid the point of reaching  a stage of boredom and becoming a chore.

Gamification is exactly what it sounds like: delivering learning within the structure of a game. This can be as simple as a point scoring system, even with a leaderboard feature to encourage competitive spirit. Everyone learns best when we are motivated, and for many of us this is driven most effectively by competition. Whether we are competing with others, or simply against our own high score, this brings an energy and appeal to completing training material that might otherwise be taken slowly and reluctantly.

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