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We provide a platform that can host all kinds of content. This means that you can include your own images, videos and even animations in your course to enrich what you offer and engage your learners.


You can embed videos from any video upload site, including YouTube and Vimeo, simply by pasting the URL into your course content.

If you’d prefer to keep your videos private, you can upload your videos directly to the LMS (this may be subject to additional hosting fees).


Photographs and diagrams can be uploaded in a variety of formats.


If you’re creating animations, you can upload your rendered videos or embed them from external sources. Although not included “out of the box”, we can provide Lottie support for vector based animations.


Naturally, much of your content may be delivered as text. You have the option to use different header types, numbered, bullets and text alignment, just like in a Word document.

Need another content type?

We’re happy to tailor your content builder to your specific needs , creating bespoke content blocks for your use. Some example content blocks may include:

  • Testimonials and blockquotes
  • Warning messages
  • Video transcription accordions

Using a mix of content types will enrich your course, make it more engaging for your users and promote information retention.

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